10 unexpected ways to deal with stress


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10 unexpected ways to deal with stress

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4. Jídlo Take a break from gadgets

Most of us are married to laptops and smartphones, not realizing that these gadgets have a huge impact on stress levels. High-tech life is certainly like a fairy tale. The main thing is not to become a technology slave who, looking at the screen, overlooks really important things. Therefore, accustom yourself to rest from them: first 1-2 hours before bedtime, a little later – from the moment you return home, and finally – regularly spending a weekend in technology free style nandrolone decanoate for sale to just enjoy the silence. And your stress at this time will melt before our eyes.

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5. Take a shower

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It’s not about taking a shower regularly, but about taking it when you are nervous. The sound of tap water in itself produces a relaxing effect, and slow circular movements with a massage sponge add a therapeutic effect to it. Światowa Agencja Antydopingowa zawiesza renomowane laboratorium we Francji To enhance the effect of the procedure, buy a shower gel with the scent of lavender or chocolate soap bar instead of soap. And, of course, do not forget about the strength of the bath with sea salt, which should be taken at least once a week.

6. Engage in manual labor

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Today, the vast majority of professions are not associated with tangible results: you write texts, draw banners, summarize reports, but you can’t touch the result of your work. Psychologically, this dissonance is experienced quite difficult, even if you do not notice it, so experts recommend that you do manual labor in your free time, in order to avoid stress overload. Aerobik a Krok pro vaše tělo You can knit sweaters and scarves or make hand-made jewelry, sculpt clay or bake vegetable pies every weekend. Anything that seems useful and interesting to you will do.

7. Portale su fitness e stile di vita sportivo Plan your vacation

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Of course, nothing can replace a real trip to the beach or walks along the ocean, but a certain plan and a positive attitude will work as a sedative. Even if you do not know exactly when you will be given a vacation, you probably know where you would like to go this time. Choose a hotel, check the availability of flights, describe the possible routes – and mentally embark on an exciting journey.

8. Solve problems

Psychologists say that the cause of stress is most often unresolved problems from the past that prevent us from developing in the present. Think about what unresolved problems you have remained from last month or last year, and write on a piece of paper – visualization always works – a detailed plan for solving them. Even if you don’t decide anything in the end, this method will help you let them go and enjoy every moment here and now.

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