Villa 21 is an interesting building for many reasons. It sits on its own in the South West corner and is the only building in Bangour to not be served by the main boiler. Instead it has it’s own oil based heating system round the West side of the main building. Inside Villa 21 it is very dark and particularly eerie. In the attic lay empty suitcases surrounded by old belonging, covered in hundred of moth wings. In the basement an old pool table has been converted into a Ouija board.

Description: Grade A listed building with 3 floors with a single storey addition. Grey sandstone masonry walling with red ashlar dressings, pitched slanted roof and retrofitted metal clad escape staircase.

Footprint: GroundFloor: 549.21m / FirstFloor: 335.53m / SecondFloor: 335.53m

Status: Listed Category A. HB 6588. All 4 similar buildings: Villas, 18,19,20 & 21.